1:1 Self-Esteem Coaching Sessions 

Is it hard to believe that you’ll look at your reflection and be satisfied? That you’ll be able to voice your opinions without the heavy weight of shame wrapped around your shoulders like a steel scarf? That your self-esteem can be healthy, warm, and allow you to become your own best friend? If you’re struggling to picture it - no matter how desperately you want it - 1:1 self-esteem coaching sessions are the route for you.

You’ll get 6 of 12 weeks of either weekly or fortnightly 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to your goals, current roadblocks, and ideal outcomes. 

We’ll walk - hand in hand - through my bespoke 5 phases to healthier self-esteem, keeping track of your progress as we stroll. 

It starts with a breakthrough session, where we explore the roots of your low selfesteem. Then, we put it under a microscope and find the many sources it has been built from. 

After that session, we’ll reshape your self-esteem with 45-minute sessions. Taking it from fragmented and confused to positive and beautiful.

Plus, you’ll get access to your very own mine of support in the Client-Only Platform. Take advantage of coping and self-esteem boosting resources and journal for reflection

How it works



Self-esteem coaching isn’t for everyone. For some, it’s not the right time. So, I make sure all of my clients will benefit from my 1:1 self-esteem coaching sessions before they invest. We’ll hop on a call first to ensure I’m the best self-esteem coach for you. So, it really is risk-free. 

Is the 1:1 option for me?

Natalie gave me such great advice, it was a comfort to know that i'm not alone and I came away with lots of ideas of changes I feel confident in making and feeling positive!


I like the podcasts and challenges. The zoom group coaching calls are a great way to meet the other ladies. There is so much information. Natalie just goes over and beyond and I know she is always a message away. 


I stumbled across Natalie's group and after watching Natalie's content and videos I knew I was in the right place and joined the Body Image & Beyond Membership. Natalie doesn't talk as us, but to us and shares her personal stories that I find relatable and so helpful. Her sense of humor is a bonus! I've found myself working harder than I ever have, even after years of therapy.


I love that I have found one place to address so many of the things that I struggle with and offer methods that I can use to improve them. You have slowly begun to replace the numerous coaches I have had over the years into a one stop place where I feel welcome and among supportive friends who know that it's like to be where I am.


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Got questions? 

Working on something as personal as self-esteem requires a whole lot of courage. It’s super important that, from the moment we meet, you feel in safe hands. So, if you have any questions or concerns, or you’re thinking about joining the membership or enquiring about 1:1 sessions, I’d absolutely love to hear from you.