What is a self-esteem coach? →

Here’s a list of questions I’m often asked with their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A self-esteem coach is someone who works through your issues surrounding self-esteem. Together, we’ll uncover the root causes that may be causing symptoms like an intense disliking of yourself (physically, emotionally, and/or mentally), poor sleep quality, unhealthy eating habits, paranoia, and more. A self-esteem coach will listen to you, create a safe space, and work with you to help you reach your unique goals.

What membership options do you offer? →

At the moment there us only one entry level into the membership but with everything you get in there, the value is second to none! However, once inside the membership you get access to discounted 1:1 sessions with me, because I know sometimes we all want and need a little bit of 1:1 support.

Do you offer a payment plan for 1:1 self-esteem coaching? →

If you feel 1:1 self-esteem coaching will transform your life but your bank account is struggling with the initial investment, there are payment plans available. But this is on an individual basis. So, it’s certainly something we can chat about during our initial free Introduction Call.

How do I know if I have low self-esteem? →

Every person is unique, and so the way low self-esteem manifests and presents itself will be bespoke to you, too. But the common symptoms of low self-esteem can include: having recurrent negative beliefs and thinking patterns, fluctuations in weight, comparing yourself to others on social media, and a deep sense of feeling unworthy. Understanding if you have low self-esteem is often the first step toward recovery. 

How do I know if I need a self-esteem coach? →

If you’re struggling to choose between investing in a self-esteem coach or therapist, it generally comes down to your ideal outcomes. As a coach, we’ll explore your past and determine some of the root causes of your low self-esteem. However, we’ll mainly look at the present and the future. Each session will be planned in advance and include tasks, resources, and reflection time to help you set, met, and exceed your bespoke goals. If you’re curious, remember that the initial Introduction Call is free, and is a good way to test the waters before committing to other sessions.

How does the 1:1 self-esteem coaching process work? →

Every client is unique, and so the topics we address in our 1:1 sessions will be bespoke to you. But the outline and structure is the same for everyone. We start, of course, with a [free Introduction Call]. That allows me to determine whether your investment will pay off. And if it doesn’t, I’ll explain that I feel I’m not the right person to help you. I’m all about transparency, so I will never take on a client if I feel you’d find better elsewhere. After that, we’ll run through the paperwork (which covers a contract and payment details). You’ll make an initial payment, and we’re good to go!

Following that comes receiving your login details for your bespoke client portal, booking you first call, reading through a document that outlines your goals and aims (based on our first call), and - once all that’s sorted - attending your first session. Every session is recorded and uploaded to your portal so you can watch it as many times as you need. Then, on our last session, we’ll reflect on your progress. You’ll also be offered 31 days inside the membership for free after completing the programme. Because you deserve it. 

How does the membership work? →

When you join as a member, you’ll head over to a payment page to sign up. Post-check out, you’ll receive an email that has all the links you’ll need to dive in and start making the most of the membership. One of those links will direct you to your members area where you can watch a welcome video that talks you through moving around inside the membership, answers some of your questions, and directs you to the most important links throughout our time together. Then you can head over to the Facebook community where you will find the monthly calendar with all of the events and talks that you don’t want to miss, plus a super warm welcome (your now one of the family). All that is left to do is introduce yourself inside the community and start the process of boosting your self-esteem and changing your life.

Can I cancel my membership?  →

Yes! I’d hate for you to pay for something you’re not using. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Where can I sign up for free self-esteem building resources?  →

If you’re looking for resources that teach you about your self-esteem and setting positive habits, take a look at the blog and the resources library.